1. Updates

    You can find new updates about Lykaon like new monsters, quests, etc. on the official witcher forum: http://forums.cdprojektred.com/threads/25831-Lykaon


  2. Anonymous said: Hi, is there a guide to installing and playing W2 mods? Thanks

    http://redkit.cdprojektred.com/index.php?c=download  :)


  3. Anonymous said: Hi! I have Witcher 2 from Steam. Can I download and play your alfa demo? When I click Mods from the launch game window, it does not appear there.

    Yes, you should be able to play it. You can find all info on how to install it here: http://redkit.cdprojektred.com/index.php?c=download


  4. Anonymous said: I know this is probably common and anoying question but are you still working on the mode? I just found it on moddb and last update is almost one year old.

    Yes, I am still working on it. You can find new updates on the official witcher page: http://forums.cdprojektred.com/threads/25831-Lykaon


  5. Anonymous said: Is this still active? Any idea on a timeframe for a full release? Looks amazing - will be downloading the beta today!

    Yes, it is still active and I am working on it. I can’t really tell the timeframe, but it should be finished with voice acting in the beginning of next year.



  7. Anonymous said: Works this with NMM?

    I don’t know yet, since I haven’t looked into this before. But I will. :)


  8. Anonymous said: Will the full version of this mod support Full Combat Rebalance 2 v1.1 mod?

    Yes, if you have installed Full Combat Rebalance 2 and start Lykaon from the “UserContentLauncher”, it should already work. You only have to activate FCR2 in the “UserContentLauncher” if you want to play the Arena. So you should already be able to play the demo with FCR2.


  9. Anonymous said: Will the Russian version of the mod?

    There is a team who wants to translate the mod into russian and when I am done writing the story, I will send the mod to them. :)



  11. Lykaon: Comparison between the demo and the latest version


  12. Update 21.08


  13. Launch DLC



  15. Anonymous said: gratulation zum job bei cd project red , ich hoffe du sammels möglichst viel erfahrung daummen hoch

    Vielen Dank!